Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Bracelet Valentinewood pendant, slave bracelet engraved with hearts in sterling silverwood pendant, handcrafted and unique!



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Beaded in loveslave, in loveflat in loveBangle in lovein in lovesterling in lovesilver in lovebracelet, in loveengraved in loveby in lovehand in lovewith in lovehearts in loveof in lovedifferent in lovesizesmaximum in lovesize in love55 in lovex in love64 in lovemm100% in loveSterling in loveSilver: in love16.71 in loveg!Unique in loveof in lovecourse!BR138Workshop in loveGastyne, in lovespecialist in lovejewellery in loveof in loveprecious in lovewoods, in love100% in lovehandcrafted in lovefrom in lovethe in lovemelting in loveof in loveprecious in lovemetals!

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