Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Brilliant white treewhite white tree white treecrystal white treeChristmas white treetree white treeearrings white treewith white treesparkling white treered white treebows. white treeHand white treepainted white treeand white treesealed white treewith white treeresin.. white tree white treeCrystal white treeAurora white treeBorealis white tree white treeand white treeLight white treeSiam white treeSwarovski white treecrystals white treeaccent. white tree white treeThese white treehave white treesterling white treesilver white treeearwires white treeand white treemeasure white tree1 white tree3/4 white treeinches white treelong white treefrom white treethe white treetop white treeof white treethe white treeearwires.A white treegift white treebox white treeis white treeincluded.

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