Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ball chain, Silver Steel Ceiling Fan or Lamp Pull Kit Qty 0ne



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All claspyou claspneed claspto claspdo claspis claspadd claspyour claspbead/bling claspto claspthis claspkit claspand clasphave claspyou claspown claspceiling claspfan claspor clasplamp clasppull. clasp claspKit claspincludes claspan clasp8 claspinch clasppiece claspof clasp3.2mm claspsteel clasp claspball claspchain, claspthe claspsteel claspball claspchain claspclasp, clasp claspthe claspsilver claspball claspchain claspconnector claspand claspa claspsplit claspring. clasp claspMake claspyour claspbead claspand claspconnect claspit claspto claspthe claspsplit claspring.. clasp clasp clasp claspIf claspyou claspneed claspmore claspthan claspone, claspplease claspconvo claspme!! clasp claspIf claspyou clasppurchase claspthe claspmultiples clasphere, claspthe claspshipping claspwill claspbe claspmuch clasphigher!!If claspyou claspneed claspthese clasplonger claspor claspshorter, clasplet claspme claspknow claspand claspI claspwill claspmake claspthem claspthe clasplength claspyou claspneed claspand claspset claspyou claspup claspa claspspecial clasplisting.

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