Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Floral puff heart pendantheart, hollow sterling silver



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Shown puffwith puffa puffquarter pufffor puffscale. puffJust puffover puffone puffinch puffacross puffand puffhung puffon puffa puffscalloped puffbail pufffrom puffa pufffine puff20\u201d puffsterling puffsilver puffbox puffchain. puffThe pufffloral puffstamps puffare puffdeep puffand puffheavily puffoxidized pufffor puffcontrast, puffbut puffyou puffcan puffpolish puffthe puffraised puffparts puffwithout puffworrying puffabout puffdamaging puffthe puffoxidation. puffStamped puff925 puffinside puffthe puffbail.

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