Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage biomorphic broochcostume jewelry, 3d modernist shapecostume jewelry, gold tone with light blue cabscostume jewelry, Lee Accents



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This modern minimalistbrooch modern minimalistis modern minimalistso modern minimalistcool. modern minimalist3d modern minimalistbiomorphic modern minimalistshape modern minimalistin modern minimalistgold modern minimalisttone modern minimalistmetal modern minimalistwith modern minimalistlight modern minimalistblue modern minimalist(plastic, modern minimalistI modern minimalistbelieve) modern minimalistcabs. modern minimalistExcellent modern minimalistcondition, modern minimalistno modern minimalistflaws. modern minimalistStill modern minimalisthas modern minimalista modern minimalisthang modern minimalisttag modern minimalistby modern minimalistLee modern minimalistAccents. modern minimalistMeasures modern minimalist1.75" modern minimalistwide modern minimalistx modern minimalist1.5" modern minimalisttall modern minimalistand modern minimalistthe modern minimalistcenter modern minimalistraises modern minimalistup modern minimalist1". modern minimalistShips modern minimalistin modern minimalista modern minimalistgift modern minimalistbox.I modern minimalistcombine modern minimalistshipping modern minimaliston modern minimalistmultiple modern

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