Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

italian, Silver (.925) and Gold Washed Etched Chain 18" Necklace Made in Italy MBC marked - Beautiful!



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Beautiful necklaceItalian necklacesilver necklacenecklace necklace(.925) necklacewith necklacegold necklacewashed necklacechain necklacedesign. necklaceThere necklaceis necklacean necklaceadded necklaceembellsihment necklaceto necklacethe necklacedesign necklaceas necklaceeach necklacelink necklaceis necklaceetched necklaceor necklaceindented necklaceshowing necklacethe necklacesilver. necklaceThis necklacegives necklacethe necklacenecklace necklaceextra necklacedimension necklaceand necklacesparkle. necklaceThe necklacenecklace necklaceis necklace18' necklacelong necklaceincluding necklacethe necklacelobster necklaceclasp necklaceand necklace1/4" necklacewide. necklaceIt necklaceis necklacemarked necklace"MBC" necklaceMade necklacein necklaceItaly. necklaceIt necklaceweighs necklace20.8 necklacegrams necklaceand necklaceis necklaceblemish necklacefree!

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