Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

tower, Blackpool Tower Charm Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver



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This charmVintage charmstyle charmBlackpool charmTower charmSterling charmSilver charmCharm charmPendant charmmeasures charmapproximately charm22mm charmx charm14mm charmand charmweighs charm1.7gA charmSterling charmSilver charmsplit charmring charmhas charmbeen charmfitted charmfor charmeasy charmfitting charmto charma charmbracelet charmor charmnecklace.Hand charmfinished charmto charma charmhigh charmstandard. charmThe charmSterling charmSilver charmBlackpool charmTower charmcomes charmin charmone charmof charmour charmown charmLockley charm& charmAshmore charmbranded charmboxes.

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