Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

white, Unmarked stylized flower pin white enamel and smoke gray rhinestones



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Very whitepretty whitestylized whitefloral whitepin whitefrom whiteapproximately whitethe white1970's white whiteThis whiteis whitemy whitebest whiteguess whitebased whiteon whitethe whiteatomic whitestyle whiteof whitethis whitepin. white whiteWhite whiteenamel whitepetals whiteand whitesmoke whitegray whiterhinestones whitemake whitethis whitesilvertone whitepin/brooch whitea whitereal whiteeyecatcher. white whiteApproximately white2" whitein whitediameter. whitePin whiteback whiteworks whiteperfectly. white whitePlease whiteemail whitewith whitequestions whiteprior whiteto whitepurchase. white whiteThanks whitefor whitestopping whiteby whitemy whiteshop whiteand whitetaking whitea whitelook whitearound.

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