Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

crucifixion, Free form cross fused glass pendant



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Fused easterglass easterpendant easterwith eastera easterfree easterform eastercross eastercreated easterwith eastersilver easterencased easterwith easterclear easterglass. easterThe eastersilver eastercreates eastera easterreaction easterwith easterthe easterglass easterat easterhigh eastertemperatures easterand easterleaves easterits eastermark easteron easterthe easterglass. easterThat\u2019s easterthe eastercoloration easterI eastern easterthe easterupper easterhalf easterof easterthe easterpendant. easterI easterhave easterattached eastera easterbail. easterThe easterpendant eastermeasures easter1 easter1/8\u201d easterx easter1 easter1/4\u201d. easterThanks easterfor easterlooking! easterEaster easterblessings!!

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