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powwow bling, Raiders Native American Beaded Pendant Necklace



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Handmade native americanby native americansewing native americansize native american11 native americanglass native americanseed native americanbeads native americanaround native americana native americanRaiders native americanepoxy native americancab. native american native americanThe native americanpendant native americanis native americanhung native americanon native americana native american18 native americaninch native americansilver native americantoned native americanball native americanchain, native americanbut native americanit native americancan native americanbe native americantaken native americanoff native americanand native americanput native americanonto native americanyour native americanown native americannecklace. native americanIt native americanis native americanbacked native americanwith native americansmoked native americanbuckskin. native americanThe native americannecklace native americanwill native americancome native americanpacked native americanin native americana native americansmall native americangift native americanbox.Measurements:Necklace: native american18 native americaninches native americanlongPendant: native american2 native americaninches native americanwide.ndnchick native americanon native americanEtsy: native american native americanhttp://ndnchick. native americanMore native americannecklaces: native americanhttps://www./shop/ndnchick?section_id=10592940&ref=shopsection_leftnav_3

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