Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

polymer clay, Heatwave Pendant



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"Heatwave new mexicoPendant" new mexicois new mexicofitted new mexicowith new mexicoa new mexicobail new mexicofor new mexicouse new mexicowith new mexicoyour new mexicofavorite new mexicochain new mexicoor new mexicocord. new mexicoCrafted new mexicofrom new mexicoa new mexicopalette new mexicoof new mexicodozens new mexicoof new mexicocolors new mexicoof new mexicopolymer new mexicoclay, new mexicoblended new mexicoand new mexicolayered new mexicofor new mexicodimensionality new mexicoand new mexicocontrastEach new mexicopiece new mexicois new mexicogiven new mexicoa new mexicodistinctive new mexiconame, new mexicoand new mexicothis new mexicoone new mexicois new mexicopart new mexicoof new mexicomy new mexicoseries new mexicoMesa new mexicoseries, new mexicowhich new mexicoreflects new mexicomy new mexicointerpretation new mexicoof new mexicothe new mexicogeology new mexicoand new mexicolandscape new mexicoof new mexicothe new mexicoAmerican new mexicoSouthwest, new mexicothis new mexicobeing new mexicothe new mexicointense new mexicoheat.Dimensions: new mexico2" new mexicox new mexico1.5" new mexicooval new mexicopolymer new mexicoclay new mexicodisk

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