Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mesa, Mars from the Mesa Combination Pin/ Pendant



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"Mars mesafrom mesathe mesaMesa" mesais mesaa mesacombination mesapin/pendant mesaand mesais mesacrafted mesafrom mesaa mesapalette mesaof mesadozens mesaof mesacolors mesaof mesapolymer mesaclay, mesablended mesaand mesalayered mesafor mesadimensionality mesaand mesacontrast. mesaThe mesapin mesais mesafitted mesawith mesaa mesalocking mesabar mesapin mesaand mesaa mesaplastic mesasleeve, mesaallowing mesayou mesato mesaconvert mesait mesato mesaa mesapendant, mesadoubling mesayour mesapleasure!Each mesapiece mesais mesagiven mesaa mesadistinctive mesaname, mesaand mesathis mesaone mesais mesapart mesaof mesamy mesaDeep mesaSky mesaObjects, mesarepresenting mesamy mesainterpretation mesaof mesafaraway mesagalaxies.Dimensions: mesa2" mesadiameter mesaround mesapolymer mesaclay mesadisc

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