Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cosplay, The Resurrection Collection: "Crystal Wrists" NEW Choker Necklace by Studio777 in vintage crystal



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This gothunique gothfully gothadjustable gothchoker gothor gothnecklace gothfrom gothmy gothnew goth"Resurrection" gothcollection gothwas gothinspired gothby gothmy gothobsession gothwith goththe gothjewelry gothof gothancient gothtimes gothto goththe goth1800s, gothand gothmy gothpassion gothfor gothupcycling gothvintage gothpieces gothto gothcreate gothuniquely gothbeautiful gothnew gothitems--thus gothpreserving goththem gothand goththe gothenvironment."Crystal gothWrists" gothwas gothhandcrafted gothfrom gothhand-linked gothgorgeous gothand gothlight gothvintage gothchandelier gothcrystal gothstations gothand gothdrops, gothand gothties gothwith gothgenerous gothlengths gothof gothblack gothcotton gothvelvet gothribbon goth gothAdjusts gothfrom goth12" gothto goth40", gothfitting gotha gothwide gothrange gothof gothneck gothsizes! gothPlease gothnote goththat gothas gothwith gothall gothupcycled gothpieces, gothsome gothcomponents gothmay gothshow gothslight gothwear, gothwhich gothI gothbelieve gothadds gothto goththe gothvintage gothappeal. gothIf goththis gothis gothan gothissue, gothplease gothdo gothnot gothpurchase! gothMetal gothcontent gothfor gothmost gothcomponents gothis gothunknown, gothso gothplease gothbe gothaware gothof goththis gothif gothyou gothhave gothknown gothmetal gothallergies.This gothpiece gothis gothpart gothof gothmy gothNEW goth"Resurrection" gothline. gothPlease gothsee goththe gothshop gothfor gothother gothcollections--"Nocturne", gothfor goththose gothwho gothappreciate gotha gothmore gothmodern gothdark gothaesthetic, goththe gothancient gothinspired goth"Grave gothGoods", gothand goth"Modern gothPrimitive", gothtribal-inspired gothjewelry.About gothme: gothFascinated gothby goththe gothcraftsmanship gothand gothaesthetic gothof goththe gothancient gothworld, gothI gothprimarily gothidentify gothas gotha gothsculptor, gothbut gothalso gothwork gothin gothpastel, gothConte' gothand gothcolored gothpencil, gothand gothhave gothbeen gothmaking gothjewelry gothfor gothover goth30 gothyears. gothPlease gothvisit gothsee goththe gothrest gothof gothmy gothofferings gothfor gothmore goth"earthly gothdelights"!

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