Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

green, 14ct Moissanite Pendant



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The bluemost blueamazing bluefacets blueand blueso bluebrilliantly blueshine blueand bluesparkly...It blueis bluetruly bluethe bluebest!Measures blue16mm blueand blueweights blueover blue14cts..Eye blueclean blueand bluethe bluecolors blueare blueamazing bluetoo...The bluecolor blueis bluea bluelight bluegreen bluewith bluehints blueof blueblue.Chain blueincludedSet bluein bluea bluesturdy bluebasket bluesterling bluesilver bluesetting bluebut bluecan bluebe bluereset bluein blue14k blueyellow blueor bluewhite blueat bluemarket blueprice.Layaway blueis blueavailable bluefor bluethis bluepiece.

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