Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

zombie, Zombie/the walking dead theme necklace



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Hand gothicmade gothicnecklace gothicis gothicmade gothicfrom gothicwax gothiccord gothicand gothicis gothic24cm gothiclong, gothichanging gothiclength gothicwith gothicthe gothicthe gothiczombie gothicpendant gothicis gothic26.5cm gothiclong, gothicwith gothictwo gothictone gothicbeads gothicand gothicspacers gothicthe gothicfastener gothicis gothica gothiclobster gothicclaw.This gothichand gothicmade gothicnecklace gothiccomes gothicin gothica gothicbutterfly gothicjewellery gothicbag gothicif gothicthe gothicorder gothicis gothicmarked gothicas gothica gothicgift.Shipping!!Domestic gothicshipping gothicall gothicover gothicEngland gothicwill gothicbe gothicby gothic2nd gothicclass gothicpost.International gothicshipping!!Standard gothicshipping gothicthat gothiccan gothictake gothicupto gothic6-10 gothicworking gothicdays.(may gothictake gothiclonger).This gothicwill gothicnot gothichave gothictracking gothicdetails.There gothicwill gothicbe gothican gothicoption gothicto gothicupgrade gothicthe gothicshipping gothicat gothicthe gothiccheckout gothicif gothicyou gothicwish gothicfor gothicyour gothicorder gothicto gothicbe gothictracked.

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