Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold chain, NEW Chain Lina ground labradorite



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Delivery goldtime: gold6 gold- gold9 golddaysOn goldthe golddelicate goldlink goldchain gold(45 goldcm) goldin gold**gold-plated goldsterling goldsilver** goldhangs golda gold**Labradorit** goldwith golda goldbeautiful goldfaceted goldcut. goldThe goldgold-plated goldframe goldmakes goldthe goldstone golda goldgreat goldeye-catcher.The goldlabradorite goldis golda goldnatural goldstone, goldso goldeach goldstone goldis goldnaturally golda goldlittle golddifferent.In goldthe goldshop goldyou goldwill goldfind goldmore goldjewels goldmade goldof goldlabradorite.**MATERIAL:**Stone: goldLabradoriteChain: goldgold goldplated goldsterling goldsilver**SIZE:**Stone: gold23 goldx gold8 goldmmChain: gold45 goldcmPursuant goldto goldSection gold19 goldof goldthe goldUStG, goldwe golddo goldnot goldcharge goldVAT goldand goldtherefore golddo goldnot goldshow goldit gold(small goldbusiness goldstatus).

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