Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

moroccan coin, Moroccan Falus Lot of 8



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Batch coinsof coins8 coinsauthentic coinsMoroccan coinsFalus coinscoins, coins$120 coinsfor coinswhole coinsbatch coinsor coins$17 coinseach. coinsI coinsorder coinsbatches coinsof coinscoins coinsfor coinsmy coinspieces coinsand coinsoccasionally coinsa coinscouple coinsper coinsbatch coinswill coinsnot coinsbe coinssuitable coinsfor coinsjewelry. coinsSo coinsover coinsthe coinsyears coinsI coinshave coinscollected coinsthose coinsand coinsnow coinshave coinsmini coinsbatches coinsof coinsnon coinsjewelry, coinsbut coinsstill coinsgood coinsquality, coinscoins. coinsIf coinsyou coinsare coinsinterested coinsin coinsother coinstypes coinsof coinscoins coinsI coinshave coinsa coinscouple coinsmore coinsbatches coinsof coinsother coinstypes coinsof coinscoins.Info coinson coinsthe coinscoins:Denomination: coins coinsMoroccan coinsFalus\t\t\t\tDate: coins1672-1901 coinsAD coinsDescription: coins coins coins coinsMinted coinsduring coinsthe coinsGolden coinsAge coinsof coinsIslam coinsby coinsMohammed coinsIV coins(1802-1873), coinsthe coinsSultan coinsof coinsMorocco, coinsthis coinscoin coinsdepicts coinsthe coinsseal coinsof coinsSolomon coinsas coinsa coinssix coinspointed coinsstar coinswith coinsa coinscircle coinsin coinsthe coinscenter. coins coinsOn coinsthe coinsother coinsside, coinsthere coinsis coinsIslamic coinstext coinsover coinsa coinsdate coins(AH coins1290) coinsfrom coinsthe coinsIslamic coinslunar coinscalendar, coinswhich coinsis coinsaround coins621 coinsyears coinsbehind coinsthe coinsChristian coinscalendar coinsdates.The coinsSeal coinsof coinsSolomon coinsis coinsa coinssix coinspointed coinsstar coinsor coinshexagram, coinsalso coinsknown coinsas coinsthe coinsStar coinsof coinsDavid. coinsIt coinswas coinsused coinson coinsthe coinsMoroccan coinsflag coinsuntil coins1915, coinswhen coinsthe coinsflag coinswas coinschanged coinsto coinsa coinsfive coinspointed coinsstar coinsor coinspentagram. coinsIn coinsJudaism, coinsthe coinsStar coinsof coinsDavid, coinsan coinsextension coinsof coinsthe coinsDivine, coinsor coinsGod, coinsshielded coinsthe coinsBiblical coinsDavid coinsin coinshis coinsbattles. coins coinsIt coinsis coinsalso coinsseen coinsas coinsa coinsmetaphysical coinssymbol coinsrepresenting coinsprotection, coinsstrength coinsand coinsenergy. coinsMorocco, coinsalong coinswith coinsthe coinsrest coinsof coinsNorth coinsAfrica, coinshad coinsa coinslarge coinsJewish coinspopulation coinsfrom coinsancient coinstimes coinswhich coinswas coinsprominent coinsin coinsMediterranean coinstrade. coinsThis coinspopulation coinswas coinsboosted coinsby coinsthe coinsexpulsions coinsfrom coinsSpain coinsand coinsItaly coinsin coinsthe coins1400's coinsand coins1500's coinswhich coinswould coinshave coinsbeen coinsmore coinsfamiliar coinswith coinsEuropean coinslanguages coinsand coinsnumbers.

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