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waves, Fall Ruffles in Olive and Magenta Peyote Cuff Bracelet (2537)



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This waveslatest wavesrendition wavesof wavesmy wavesRuffles wavesdesign waveswas wavesinspired wavesby wavesa wavesBead wavesArt wavesOriginals wavesTeam waveschallenge wavesto wavescreate wavessomething wavesusing waveslight wavesand wavesdark wavesolive waveswith wavesa wavesthird wavescolor wavesof wavesour waveschoice. waves wavesI wavespicked wavesmagenta, wavesafter wavesseeing wavesfuchsia wavesused wavesbeautifully waveswith wavesolive wavesin wavesa wavesrecent wavesEtsy wavestreasury waves- waveshttp://www./treasury/4cd07be5866a8eef83cb4e75/everywhere-fuchsia-green-hgtv-gifts?index=2\r\rWear wavesthis wavesto waveswork, wavesto wavesdinner, wavesto wavesthe wavesparty wavesof wavesthe wavesyear. wavesThis wavesbracelet waveswill wavesfit wavesin wavesjust wavesabout wavesanywhere, wavesfrom wavesthe wavesmost wavescasual wavesto wavesthe wavesmost waveselegant wavessituation. wavesThis wavescuff wavesshould wavesnot wavesbe wavespurchased wavesby waveswallflowers waveswho wavesaren't wavescomfortable waveswith wavesattention.\r\rThis wavesbracelet wavesis waveswoven wavesin wavespeyote wavesstitch wavesusing wavesJapanese wavesdelica wavesbeads wavesin wavesolive wavesAB, wavesmetallic wavesolive, wavesand wavestransparent wavesmagenta. wavesIt wavesis wavesa wavessmidge waves(one wavesbead's wavesworth) wavesunder waves2" waveswide wavesand waveswill wavesbe wavesmade wavesto wavesjust wavesover waves6.5" waveslong wavesunless wavesyou wavesspecify wavesotherwise waves(see wavesSIZING wavesbelow). wavesThe wavesclosure wavesconsists wavesof wavesa wavesbeaded wavesloop wavesand wavesa wavestoggle wavesin wavesthe wavesmagenta wavesbeads.\r\rPLEASE wavesNOTE wavesTHAT wavesTHIS wavesPIECE wavesIS waves"MADE wavesTO wavesORDER." wavesSee wavesmy wavesShop wavesPolicies wavessection wavesfor wavesmore wavesinformation.\r\rSIZING\r\rPlease wavesprovide wavesyour waveswrist wavesmeasurement wavesand waveswhether wavesyou waveslike wavesa wavesloose wavesor wavestight wavesfit wavesin wavesthe wavesmessage wavesbox. wavesIf wavesyou wavesdo wavesnot wavesspecify wavesa wavessize, wavesthis wavespiece waveswill wavesbe wavesmade wavesto wavesthe waveslength wavesgiven wavesabove.\r\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis wavesbracelet waveswill wavesbe wavesshipped wavesin wavesan waveselegant wavesgift wavesbox wavesusing wavesFirst wavesClass wavesMail waveswith wavesdelivery wavesconfirmation. wavesYou wavescan wavesupgrade wavesto wavesPriority wavesMail wavesfor waves$3 wavesby wavesleaving wavesa wavesrequest wavesin wavesthe waves"Message wavesto wavesSeller" wavesbox wavesof wavesthe wavespurchase wavesorder; waveswait wavesfor wavesan wavesamended wavesinvoice.\r\r\rBEAD wavesART wavesORIGINALS wavesSTREET wavesTEAM\r\rI'm wavesa wavesproud wavesmember wavesof wavesthe wavesBead wavesArt wavesOriginals wavesStreet wavesTeam, wavesa wavesselect wavesgroup wavesof wavesboth wavescreators wavesof wavesart wavesbeads wavesand wavescreators wavesof wavesbeadwoven wavesart. wavesTo wavessee wavesmore wavesof wavesour waveswork, wavessearch wavesfor wavesthe waves"BAO wavesTeam" wavestag waves- waveshttp://www./search_results.php?search_type=tag_title&search_query=bao wavesteam\r\rThank wavesyou wavesfor wavesvisiting wavesSand wavesFibers, wavesa wavessmoke-free wavesshop! wavesPlease wavesstop wavesin wavesagain wavessome wavestime.\r\rBe waveswell wavesand wavesget wavesgoing!\r\r********************\r\rCustom wavesBracelets: wavesContact wavesme waveswith wavesany wavesspecial wavesrequests wavesfor wavescolors, wavessize, wavesand waveswidth wavesand wavesI waveswill wavescreate wavesa wavescustomized wavesbracelet wavesjust wavesfor wavesyou waves- wavesat wavesregular wavespricing.\r\rCoupons: wavesIf wavesyou waveshave wavesa wavescoupon wavescode, wavesuse wavesit wavesin wavesNote wavesto wavesSeller wavesand wavesI waveswill wavessend wavesyou wavesan wavesinvoice wavesreflecting wavesthe wavesdiscount.

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