Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

beads, Belt "Pink Lady" made of pearl pots and chains



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The beads**hip beadsbelt beadsin beadspink-pink-silver** beadsis beadsadjustable beadsfrom beads83 beadscm beadsto beads91 beadscm beadsand beadscomfortable beads**easy beadsto beadswear**.The beads**intricately beadsbraided beadsbeaded beadsbraids** beadsare beadslined beadsup beadswith beads2 beads**chains beadsof beadspink-silver beadsfacet-cut beadsglass beadsbeads beadsand beadsmetal beadsbeads beadsin beadssilver**. beadsThe beadsbelt beadsis beadsclosed beadswith beadsa beads**cool beadsmetal beadscarabiner beadsand beadsmetal beadsrings beadsin beadssilver**.**This beadsgorgeous beadsbelt, beadsis beadslike beadsfor beadsa beadsprincess****_100% beadshautfreundlich_****Dimensions**Length: beadsadjustable beadsfrom beads83-91 beadscm* beads* beadsMaterials beads* beads*Perlon beadsthreadMetal beadscarabiners beadsand beadsrings beadsin beadssilverGlass beadsrocailles beadsin beadspink, beadspink-transparent, beadspink-metallicGlass beadsbeads beadsin beadspink-silverMetal beadsbeads beadsin beadssilverSqueezing beadsbeads beadsin beadssilverMetal beadscap beadsin beadsold beadssilver**Production beadstype**Handmade

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