Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

tiger, Tiger Necklace Pendant Charm



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IMPORTANT: tigerI tigercurrently tigerhave tigera tiger2 tigerweek tigerwaiting tigerperiod tigerfor tigerall tigerorders tigerbefore tigerI tigercan tigership tigerthem. tigerPlease tigertake tigerthis tigerinto tigeraccount tigerbefore tigerordering tigeras tigerunfortunately tigerI tigeram tigernot tigerable tigerto tigerensure tigerdelivery tigerof tigeran tigeritem tigerbefore tiger2 tigerweeks. tigerI tigeram tigervery tigersorry tigerfor tigerany tigertrouble.-----------------------------A tigerperfect tigergift tigerfor tigeryourself tigeror tigerthe tigertiger tigerlover tigerin tigeryour tigerlife!This tigerdashing tigerone tigersided tigertiger tigerwas tigermade tigerfrom tigerpolymer tigerclay, tigerhand tigerpainted tigerwith tigeracrylic tigerpaints tigerand tigermetallic tigerrub, tigerthen tigerfinished tigerwith tigera tigerdurable tigersealant. tigerFrom tigerear tigerto tigertail tigerthe tigertiger tigermeasures tigerapprox. tiger1.25 tigerinches.**NOTE** tigerYour tigerorder tigeris tigermade tigerto tigerorder tigerand tigeris tigerunique, tigerI tigerwill tigerusually tigerhave tigeryour tigeritem tigermade tigerand tigerin tigerthe tigermail tigerwithin tiger1-2 tigerweeks tigerif tigeryou tigerneed tigerit tigersooner tigerlet tigerme tigerknow. tigerEach tigeritem tigerwill tigervary tigerslightly tigerfrom tigerthe tigerexample tigershown tigerin tigerthe tigerpictures. tigerI tigerdo tigermy tigerbest tigerto tigerrecreate tigermy tigerpieces tigerexactly, tigerbut tigerplease tigerallow tigerfor tigera tigerslight tigervariation tigerdue tigerto tigerthe tigerhand-sculpting tigerprocess. tiger tigerIf tigeryou tigerwould tigerlike tigera tigerpicture tigerof tigeryour tigerpiece tigerbefore tigerfinal tigerpayment tigerI tigercan tigersend tigeryou tigerone, tigerjust tigersend tigerme tigera tigermessage. tigerYou tigerwill tigerreceive tigerthe tigerchain tigerand tigermarble tigershown tigerin tigerthe tigerpictures, tigerthe tigermarble tigeris tigera tigercrackled tigerblue tigercolor, tigerif tigeryou tigerwant tigera tigerdifferent tigermarble tigercolor, tigermessage tigerme tiger=)I tigeralso tigertake tigercustom tigerorders tigerfor tigerpendants tigerso tigeryou tigercan tigerhave tigeryour tigerfavorite tigeranimal, tigeror tigereven tigera tigermodel tigerof tigeryour tigervery tigerown tigerpet tigerto tigerwear tigeras tigerjewelry tigeror tigerkeep tigeras tigera tigerfigurine!

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