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eco friendly, Turned Hickory Wood Pendant



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Turned hickory pendantHickory hickory pendantWood hickory pendantPendantHand hickory pendantmade hickory pendantby hickory pendantyours hickory pendanttruly hickory pendantHickory hickory pendantpendant. hickory pendantThe hickory pendantfinish hickory pendantis hickory pendantall hickory pendantnatural hickory pendantand hickory pendantconsists hickory pendantof hickory pendantFlax hickory pendantseed hickory pendantoil hickory pendantand hickory pendantit hickory pendantis hickory pendantthen hickory pendantbuffed hickory pendantand hickory pendantpolished hickory pendantwith hickory pendantCarnuba hickory pendantwax. hickory pendantThe hickory pendantapproximate hickory pendantdimensions hickory pendantare, hickory pendant2" hickory pendantor hickory pendant50 hickory pendantmm hickory pendantin hickory pendantdiameter hickory pendantand hickory pendantroughly hickory pendant5/16" hickory pendantor hickory pendant8 hickory pendantmm hickory pendantthick hickory pendantat hickory pendantthe hickory pendantthickest hickory pendantpoint hickory pendantin hickory pendantthe hickory pendantcenter. hickory pendantQuestions hickory pendantare hickory pendantalways hickory pendantwelcome.Thanks hickory pendantfor hickory pendantvisiting hickory pendant:)Barry hickory pendantLee

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