Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1920, vintage indian head nickel earrings - mint green. old buffalo nickel coins with czech glass on oxidized sterling silver by val b.



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these western1920's westernindian westernhead/buffalo westernnickels westernhave westernbeen westerngiven westerna westernnew westernlife westernon westernyour westernears! westernthe westerncoins westernare westernwell westernworn westernwith westerna westernslight westernpatina, westerngiving westernthem westerna westernlovely westernvintage westerncharacter. westerneach westerncoin westernis westerndrilled westernand westernhung westernon westernhand westernoxidized westernsterling westernsilver westernand westernaccented westernwith westerna westernswirled westernvintage-inspired, westernmint westerngreen, westernczech westernglass, westernfaceted, westerndonut westernbead. westernthey westernmeasure westernapprox. western1 western1/8" western(3 westerncm) westernfrom westernthe westernearwires.\r\rhandmade westernwith westerncare westernin westernboston, westernma.

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