Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

noble, Iolite Necklace



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Very bluebeautiful, bluenight blueblue bluenecklace bluemade blueof bluesmall blueiolite bluesquares bluein bluedifferent blueshades blueand bluesilver bluebetween blueelements blueas blueoptical bluehighlights.Shape blueand bluecolour bluemake bluethis bluenecklace bluelook bluevery bluemodern. blueThanks blueto blueits bluesimple bluedesign, blueit bluecan bluebe bluecombined bluewith bluealmost blueany bluepiece blueof blueclothing.A bluegreat bluenecklace bluefor blueevery blueday blueand bluethe bluebig bluegig.* blue* blueMaterial: blue* blue*Iolite925 bluesilverHigh bluequality bluejewelry bluewire* blue* blueDimensions: blue* blue*Squares: blueapprox. blue4 bluemmLength: blueapprox. blue46 bluecmThe bluechain bluecan bluebe bluevaried blueon bluerequest bluein bluelength.

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