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Earrings:Title:Roe animal earringsDeer animal earringsearringsMaterial: animal earringsmetal animal earrings- animal earringsnickel animal earringsfreeColour: animal earringsgoldFigure animal earringsmeasure animal earringsapprox: animal earrings16 animal earringsmm animal earringsx animal earrings18 animal earringsmmmeasure animal earringsaprox.: animal earrings29 animal earringsmm animal earringslongThe animal earringsearring animal earringscomes animal earringspacked animal earringsin animal earringsan animal earringsorganza animal earringspouch animal earringsand animal earringsjewelry animal earringsbox.All animal earringsour animal earringsjewelry animal earringscome animal earringsgift animal earringswrappedWe animal earringsare animal earringsshipping animal earringsall animal earringsjewelry animal earringssafely animal earringspacked animal earringsin animal earringsbubble animal earringsmailers animal earringson animal earringsfirst animal earringspriority animal earringsshipping.For animal earringsthis animal earringsitem animal earringsthe animal earringsshipping animal earringsincludes animal earringstrackingPlease animal earringscheck animal earringsmy animal earringsshop animal earringspolicies animal earringsfor animal earringsmore animal earringsdetails animal earringsregarding animal earringsshipping animal earringspayment.

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