Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

double venus, Together in Your Custom Colors (2541) - A Sand Fibers Made-to-Order Creation



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This boldlisting boldis boldfor bolda boldTogether boldcuff boldin boldyour boldcolors boldof boldchoice. boldI boldcreated boldthe boldoriginal, boldphotographed bold"Together" bolddesign boldin boldresponse boldto bolda boldspecial boldrequest. boldThe boldtwo bolddouble boldVenus boldsymbols boldwere boldcentered boldon bolda boldred boldand boldorange bold"bead boldsoup" boldbackdrop. bold\r\rNow boldyou boldcan boldhave bolda boldTogether boldcuff boldin boldyour boldown boldcolor boldscheme. boldThe boldgraphics boldgive boldyou boldonly bolda boldfew boldexamples boldof boldwhat boldis boldpossible boldwith boldthis boldpattern. boldLet boldyour boldimagination boldrun boldwild! boldTogether, boldwe boldwill boldmake boldyour boldvision boldcome boldtrue! bold:D\r\rThis boldbracelet boldis boldwoven boldin boldpeyote boldstitch boldusing boldJapanese bolddelica boldbeads. boldIt boldis boldjust boldunder bold1.5" boldwide boldand boldwill boldbe boldmade boldto bold7" bold boldlong boldunless boldyou boldspecify boldotherwise bold(see boldSIZING boldbelow). boldThe boldclosure boldconsists boldof bolda boldbeaded boldloop boldand boldtoggle boldin boldthe boldbackground boldbeads.\r\rPurchase boldthe boldlisting boldand boldI boldwill boldcontact boldyou boldabout boldyour boldcolor boldand boldlength boldpreferences. boldTurnaround boldcan boldbe boldas boldmuch boldas bold2-3 boldweeks bold(usually boldless, boldhowever) bolddepending boldon boldmy boldworkload boldand boldwhether boldI boldhave boldto boldspecial boldorder boldthe boldbeads.\r\rPLEASE boldNOTE boldTHAT boldTHIS boldPIECE boldIS bold"MADE boldTO boldORDER." boldSee boldmy boldShop boldPolicies boldsection boldfor boldmore boldinformation.\r\rSIZING\r\rPlease boldprovide boldyour boldwrist boldmeasurement boldand boldwhether boldyou boldlike bolda boldloose boldor boldtight boldfit boldin boldthe boldmessage boldbox. boldIf boldyou bolddon't boldhave bolda boldflexible boldtape boldmeasure, boldcut bolda bold1-1.5" boldwide boldstrip boldof boldpaper boldto boldfit boldcomfortably boldaround boldyour boldwrist boldand boldmeasure boldthat. boldIf boldyou bolddo boldnot boldspecify bolda boldsize, boldthis boldpiece boldwill boldbe boldmade boldto boldthe boldlength boldgiven boldabove.\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis boldbracelet boldwill boldbe boldshipped boldin boldan boldelegant boldgift boldbox boldusing boldFirst boldClass boldMail boldwith bolddelivery boldconfirmation. boldYou boldcan boldupgrade boldto boldPriority boldMail boldfor bold$3 boldby boldleaving bolda boldrequest boldin boldthe bold"Message boldto boldSeller" boldbox boldof boldthe boldpurchase boldorder; boldwait boldfor boldan boldamended boldinvoice.\r\r\rBEAD boldART boldORIGINALS boldSTREET boldTEAM\r\rI'm bolda boldproud boldmember boldof boldthe boldBead boldArt boldOriginals boldStreet boldTeam, bolda boldselect boldgroup boldof boldboth boldcreators boldof boldart boldbeads boldand boldcreators boldof boldbeadwoven boldart. boldTo boldsee boldmore boldof boldour boldwork, boldsearch boldfor boldthe bold"BAO boldTeam" boldtag bold- boldhttp://www./search_results.php?search_type=tag_title&search_query=bao+team\r\r\rThank boldyou boldfor boldvisiting boldSand boldFibers, bolda boldsmoke-free boldshop! boldPlease boldstop boldin boldagain boldsome boldtime.\r\rBe boldwell boldand boldget boldgoing!\r********************\r\rCustom boldBracelets: boldContact boldme boldwith boldany boldspecial boldrequests boldfor boldcolors, boldsize, boldand boldwidth boldand boldI boldwill boldcreate bolda boldcustomized boldbracelet boldjust boldfor boldyou bold- boldat boldregular boldpricing.\r\rCoupons: boldIf boldyou boldhave bolda boldcoupon boldcode, bolduse boldit boldin boldNote boldto boldSeller boldand boldI boldwill boldsend boldyou boldan boldinvoice boldreflecting boldthe bolddiscount.

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