Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Genderqueer Pride Earringshypoallergenic, LGBTQ Pridehypoallergenic, Hoop Earringshypoallergenic, Green White and Purplehypoallergenic, Hypoallergenic



In stock



These pride jewelryearrings pride jewelryfeature pride jewelrylightweight pride jewelrysilver pride jewelryaluminum pride jewelryand pride jewelryanodized pride jewelryaluminum pride jewelryrings pride jewelryin pride jewelrygreen, pride jewelrymatte pride jewelrywhite, pride jewelryand pride jewelrypurple, pride jewelrywhich pride jewelryrepresent pride jewelrythe pride jewelrycolors pride jewelryin pride jewelrythe pride jewelryGenderqueer pride jewelryPride pride jewelryflag. pride jewelry pride jewelryThe pride jewelryearrings pride jewelryhave pride jewelryniobium pride jewelryearwires pride jewelryand pride jewelryare pride jewelryquite pride jewelrylight pride jewelrydue pride jewelryto pride jewelrythe pride jewelrymaterials pride jewelryI pride jewelryused pride jewelryto pride jewelrycreate pride jewelrythem, pride jewelryso pride jewelrythey pride jewelryare pride jewelryeasy pride jewelryon pride jewelrythe pride jewelryears.Length: pride jewelry2 pride jewelry1/8"Width: pride jewelry1 pride jewelry1/4"Colors: pride jewelryShiny pride jewelrySilver, pride jewelryGreen, pride jewelryMatte pride jewelryWhite, pride jewelryPurpleMaterials: pride jewelryAnodized pride jewelryAluminum pride jewelryRings, pride jewelryBright pride jewelryAluminum pride jewelryRingsEarwires: pride jewelryNiobium pride jewelryFrench pride jewelryHooks pride jewelry(slightly pride jewelrydarker pride jewelrythan pride jewelrythe pride jewelrysilver pride jewelryaluminum pride jewelryrings)You pride jewelrycan pride jewelrysee pride jewelrymore pride jewelryPride pride jewelryjewelry pride jewelryhere: pride jewelryhttps://www./shop/Lunachick?ref=ss_profile§ion_id=24195415Questions? pride jewelryFeel pride jewelryfree pride jewelryto pride jewelrycheck pride jewelryout pride jewelrymy pride jewelryShop pride jewelryPolicies pride jewelryfor pride jewelrymore pride jewelryinfo:http://www./shop/Lunachick/policy?ref=shopinfo_policies_leftnav

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