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one of a kind, Split Personality Pendant - New Item - Two Sided!



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"Split polymer clayPersonality polymer clayPendant" polymer clayis polymer claya polymer clayone-of-a-kind polymer claypiece polymer clayof polymer claywearable polymer clayart, polymer clayhandcrafted polymer clayfrom polymer claya polymer claypalette polymer clayof polymer claydozens polymer clayof polymer claycolors polymer clayof polymer claypolymer polymer clayclay, polymer clayblended polymer clayand polymer claylayered polymer clayfor polymer claydimensionality polymer clayand polymer claycontrast. polymer clayEach polymer claypiece polymer clayis polymer claygiven polymer claya polymer claydistinctive polymer clayname polymer clayand polymer claythis polymer clayis polymer clayone polymer clayof polymer claymy polymer clayseries polymer clayrepresenting polymer claymy polymer clayinterpretations polymer clayof polymer claythe polymer claygeology polymer clayand polymer claylandscapes polymer clayof polymer claythe polymer clayAmerican polymer claySouthwest. polymer clayThe polymer claynecklace polymer clayfeatures polymer claya polymer clay2" polymer clayround polymer claypolymer polymer clayclay polymer claydisk, polymer claywith polymer clayoranges polymer clayand polymer clayblack polymer clayin polymer claythe polymer claylandscape. polymer clayBonus! polymer clayTurn polymer clayit polymer clayover polymer clayand polymer claythere polymer clayis polymer claya polymer claysecond polymer clayback-to-back polymer claydisk, polymer clayfeaturing polymer clayblues polymer clayand polymer claybrown polymer clayin polymer claya polymer claydifferent polymer claylandscape. polymer clayTotal polymer claylength polymer clayis polymer clay26", polymer clayheight polymer clayis polymer clay13" polymer clayand polymer claywidth polymer clayis polymer clay2". polymer clayThe polymer claypiece polymer clayis polymer claystrung polymer clayon polymer claya polymer claydouble polymer claylength polymer clayof polymer claygold polymer claysilk polymer claycord, polymer claywith polymer claya polymer claygold-colored polymer claymagnetic polymer clayclasp.Enjoy polymer claybeing polymer clay"funky" polymer claywith polymer claythis polymer claypiece polymer clayof polymer claywearable polymer clayart polymer clayand polymer claydouble polymer clayyour polymer claypleasure!

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