Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

asian, Queen Anne's Lace single hair comb



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This head piececomb head piecewas head pieceinspired head pieceby head pieceancient head pieceAsian head piecepaintings. head pieceIts head piecefloral head piecein head piecedesign head piecebut head piecenot head piecenearly head pieceas head piecefragile.\r\r head piece head pieceThe head piece"Queen head pieceAnnes head pieceLace" head pieceflower head pieceis head piecemade head pieceof head piece8 head pieceshimmery head pieceflat head piecepearls head piece(3/8" head pieceeach) head pieceand head pieceare head pieceheld head pieceon head pieceto head piecethe head piecebrass head piece2 head pieceprong head piececomb, head pieceby head piecewrapped head pieceand head piecesoldered head pieceSterling head pieceSilver head piecewires. head piece\rEach head piececomb head piecemeasures head piece1.5" head piece head pieceacross head piecethe head piecepearls head pieceand head pieceis head piece3.5" head piecelong/tall.\r\r\rThe head piececomb head piecehas head piecebeen head piecewaxed head pieceto head pieceprevent head piecepremature head piecetarnishing head pieceand head piecehas head piecenever head piecebeen head pieceworn.\rThis head piecelisting head pieceis head piecefor head piecea head piecesingle head piececomb. head piece\rDomestic head pieceshipping head pieceis head pieceUSPS head piecefirst head piececlass, head piecedelivery head piececonfirmation head piece& head pieceinsured

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