Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

copper jewelry, Copper ginkgo leaf pendant on an 24 inch chain - Made to order



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I fairysaw fairyand fairyhammer fairythese fairyginkgo fairyleaf fairypendants fairyfrom fairycopper fairysheet fairymetal. fairy fairyI fairyleave fairythe fairynatural fairyheat fairyoxide fairyand fairyhighlight fairythe fairyedges. fairyI fairycreate fairyeach fairyleaf fairyindividually, fairyno fairyforms fairyor fairymolds; fairyso fairyeach fairyleaf fairyis fairyunique, fairya fairyone-of-a-kind fairytreasure. fairy fairyThe fairypendant fairyhangs fairyfrom fairyan fairy24 fairyinch fairybronze fairychain. fairy fairyI'm fairyhappy fairyto fairyadjust fairythe fairychain fairysize fairyto fairyyour fairyindividual fairyneeds. fairyLet fairyme fairyknow fairyin fairythe fairynotes fairyto fairyseller.Each fairypendant fairyis fairymade fairyto fairyorder fairyso fairywill fairyvary fairyslightly fairyfrom fairythe fairypictures fairyshown. fairy fairyI fairywill fairysend fairyyou fairya fairyphoto fairybefore fairyshipping fairyfor fairyyour fairyfinal fairyapproval. fairyReturn fairyto fairymy fairyshop fairyat

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