Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gryffindor, Hogwarts House Dragonfly Pendants: Gift pack



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Gryffindor, giftHufflepuff, giftRavenclaw giftand giftSlytherin. giftThere's gifta giftdragonfly giftin giftthis giftgift giftpack giftfor gifteach giftof giftyour giftfriends. giftI giftchose gifteach giftzipper giftpull giftto gifteminate giftthe gifthouses. giftA giftlion giftfor giftGryffindor's giftbravery. giftBright giftyellow giftwith giftmetal giftdetail giftto giftsymbolize giftHufflepuff's giftfortitude giftand giftloyalty. giftSilver gift"pages" giftbound giftby gifta giftblue giftcover giftfor giftthe giftstudious giftRavenclaw. giftSnake giftscales giftand giftlike giftemblem giftfor giftthe giftcunning giftSlytherin.Choose gift"0 giftinch giftchain" giftfor giftno giftnecklace giftchainAll giftluggage giftzipper giftpulls giftare giftfound giftat giftSan giftFransisco giftairport, giftand giftvery giftrarely giftdo giftI giftcome giftacross gifttwo giftalike. giftEach giftpiece giftwill giftbe giftmade giftto giftorder, giftin giftthe giftbead giftcolor gift(see giftseparate giftlistings) giftand giftpictured giftwire giftcolor.**Some giftpulls giftwill giftbe giftscratched, giftbent, giftbroken, giftor giftunreadable. giftI giftthink giftthis giftis giftpart giftof giftthe giftcharm. giftThey giftwill giftbe giftsanitized giftand giftcleaned**

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