Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

subtle, Initial Disc With Colourful Beads -Stamped By Rawkette



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This beadsis beadssuch beadsa beadscute beadsand beadssubtle beadsnecklace. beadsAt beadsfirst beadsglance beadsyou beadssee beadsthe beadsfun beadscolourful beadsbeads, beadsand beadsif beadsyou beadslook beadsa beadslittle beadscloser beadsyou beadsnotice beadsthe beadsshimmering beadssterling beadsdisc beadsthat beadshas beadsa beadsspecial beadsletter beadsstamped beadson beadsit. beadsYou beadscan beadsalso beadsadd beadsextra beadsdiscs beadswith beadsother beadsletters, beadsjust beadssend beadsme beadsa beadsconvo beadsand beadsI beadscan beadsarrange beadsa beadscustom beadslisting beadsfor beadsyou!The beadsdisc beadsmeasures beads3/8" beadsand beadsis beadsjust beadsa beadsbit beadsbigger beadsthan beadsthe beadsbeads beadsthat beadshang beadsfrom beadsthe beads18" beadschain. beadsYou beadscan beadshave beadsjust beadsabout beadsany beadscolour beadsyou beadswant beadshanging beadsfrom beadsthis beadsnecklace. beadsJust beadslet beadsme beadsknow beadsin beadsmessage beadsto beadsseller:**colour beadsof beadsbeads**initial beadsstamped beadson beadsdisc**lower beadscase beadsor beadsupper beadscase***If beadsyou beadsprefer beadsa beads20" beadschain, beadsplease beadsadd beadsthis beadslisting:https://www./listing/87673060/upgrade-to-20-chain-sterling-silver-ballIf beadsyou beadswould beadslike beadssomething beadsthat beadsyou beadsdon't beadssee beadsin beadsmy beadsshop, beadsplease beadsdon't beadshesitate beadsto beadsmessage beadsme, beadsI beadslove beadsnew beadscustom beadsorders beadsand beadscreating beadsone beadsof beadsa beadskind beadspieces beadsis beadsmy beadsfavourite!please beadsread beadsover beadsmy beadsshop beadspolicies beadsBEFORE beadsordering.Thanks beadsfor beadsvisiting beadsRawkette!

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