Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold filled, rust woodgrain agate stone earrings on gold filled chain and wire by val b.



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beautifully retro inspiredfaceted, retro inspiredsmooth, retro inspireddisc retro inspiredbeads retro inspiredof retro inspiredround retro inspiredand retro inspiredcushion-cut retro inspiredagate retro inspiredhang retro inspiredin retro inspiredtandem. retro inspired retro inspiredcolors retro inspiredof retro inspiredorange, retro inspiredrust retro inspiredand retro inspiredwhite retro inspiredvary retro inspiredto retro inspiredcreate retro inspiredunique retro inspiredwoodgrain-like retro inspiredpatterns. retro inspired retro inspiredthese retro inspiredneutral, retro inspiredearthy retro inspiredyet retro inspiredclassy retro inspiredearrings retro inspiredare retro inspiredfinished retro inspiredoff retro inspiredwith retro inspiredgold-filled retro inspiredwire retro inspiredand retro inspiredchain. retro inspired retro inspiredmeasure retro inspiredapprox. retro inspired2" retro inspired(5.1 retro inspiredcm) retro inspiredfrom retro inspiredthe retro inspiredearwires.\r\rhandmade retro inspiredby retro inspiredme retro inspiredin retro inspiredboston, retro inspiredma

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