Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

recycle, BeerBottle necklace



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Part circleof circlethe circleneck circleof circlea circlebeer circlebottle, circlecut circleand circlesanded circle3 circlelevels circlemaking circleSmooth. circle circleBall circlechain circleApproximately circle26 circleinches circlewith circlea circleball circleclasp circleconnector. circleAlso, circlebeer circlecaps circlein circlethe circlemiddle circlecovered circlein circleresin. circle circleWhere\u2019s circlethe circlebeer circlecap. circleyou circlemight circleask??? circleI circlehave circlemany circlebottle circlecaps circlethat circleneed circleholes circle(earrings, circleornaments, circleand circlemany circlemore)- circleThat circleis circlewhat circleyou circlefind circlein circlethe circlemiddle circleof circlethe circlebottle. circleFunky, circleFun, circleunique, circleand circleoriginal! circleThis circleis circleone circlebeer circleitem circlethat circleyou circlecan circlestill circlewear circleto circlethe circleoffice!!!

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