Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

earth, Funky Necklace No. 30 Glow-in-the-dark



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"Funky polymer clayNecklace polymer clayNo. polymer clay30" polymer clayis polymer claya polymer clayone-of-a-kind polymer claypiece polymer clayof polymer claywearable polymer clayart, polymer clayhandcrafted polymer clayfrom polymer claya polymer claypalette polymer clayof polymer claydozens polymer clayof polymer claycolors polymer clayof polymer claypolymer polymer clayclay, polymer clayblended polymer clayand polymer claylayered polymer clayfor polymer claydimensionality polymer clayand polymer claycontrast. polymer clayEach polymer claypiece polymer clayis polymer claygiven polymer claya polymer claydistinctive polymer clayname polymer clayand polymer claythis polymer clayis polymer clayone polymer clayof polymer claymy polymer clay"Funky polymer clayNecklace" polymer clayseries.The polymer claynecklace polymer clayfeatures polymer claya polymer clay1" polymer claydiameter polymer clayblue/green polymer claysphere, polymer claywhich polymer clayresembles polymer claythe polymer clayearth. polymer clayIt polymer claysits polymer clayatop polymer claya polymer clayglow-in-the-dark polymer clayquarter polymer claymoon polymer claywith polymer claygold polymer clayhighlights. polymer clayBelow polymer claythe polymer claymoon polymer claytwo polymer claysilver polymer claystars polymer clayare polymer clayafixed. polymer clayGlow-in-the-dark polymer claywith polymer claysilver polymer claypolymer polymer clayclay polymer claybeads polymer clayadorn polymer clayeach polymer clayside polymer clayof polymer claythe polymer claypendant, polymer clayand polymer clayare polymer clayinterspersed polymer claywith polymer clayturquoise polymer claycolored polymer claywood polymer claybeads. polymer clayThe polymer claypendant polymer clayis polymer claystrung polymer clayon polymer claya polymer claygold polymer claysilk polymer claycord, polymer claywith polymer claya polymer claybead polymer clayand polymer clayloop polymer clayclosing polymer clayfor polymer clayeasy polymer clayon/off. polymer clayPerfect polymer claygift polymer clayfor polymer claythe polymer clayperson polymer claywho polymer claywants polymer clayto polymer claygive polymer claytheir polymer claysignificant polymer clayother polymer clay"...the polymer clayearth, polymer claythe polymer claymoon polymer clayand polymer claythe polymer claystars"!Total polymer claylength polymer clayis polymer clay32", polymer clayheight polymer clayis polymer clay16" polymer clayand polymer claywidth polymer clayis polymer clay2". polymer clayEnjoy polymer claybeing polymer clay"funky" polymer claywith polymer claythis polymer claypiece polymer clayof polymer claywearable polymer clayart!

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