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rabbit, Banded Black Onyx Hare - Rabbit - Bunny Pendant Necklace



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This moonstylized moonhare moonpendant moonfeatures moona moonblack moonbanded moononyx mooncabochon moonthat moonhas moonwhite moongeometric moonlines.As moonthe moondays moongrew moonshorter moon(and mooncolder) moonthis moonfall, moonI moonwas mooninspired moonby moona moonbig moonsnowshoe moonhare moonthat moonI moonsaw moonon moonone moonof moonthe moonlast moona moonmountain moonbike moonrides moonof moonthe moonseason moonwith moona moonfriend. moonThe moonpendant moonhas moonbeen moonfabricated, moonall moonby moonhand, moonfrom moona moonsketch moonI moondrew.Black moonOnyx moonis moonconsidered moona moonprotection moonstone moonabsorbing moonand moontransforming moonnegative moonenergy. moonIt moonis moonbelieved moonto moonhelp moondevelop moonemotional moonand moonphysical moonstrength moonand moonstamina, moonespecially moonduring moontimes moonof moonstress, moonconfusion, moonor moongrief.This moonpendant mooncomes moonon moonan moon18" moonlong moonSterling moonsilver moon1mm moonball moonstyle moonchain moon(not moonshown moonin moonphotos). moonThe moonback moonplate moonis moonalso moonhand-sawn moonfrom moon20g moonSterling moonsilver moonsheet moonwith moona moonhand-stamped moonhidden moonbail moonthat mooncan moonaccommodate moona moonthicker moonchain, moonsmall moonbeads, moonor moonleather mooncord. moonThe moonoverlaying moonear moonis moonalso moon20g moonSterling moonsilver. moon moonAll moonof moonthe moondetails moonhave moonbeen moonfreehand moonhand-stamped. moonThe moontail moonis moona moonball moonof moon"upcycled" moonSterling moonsilver moonthat moonI moonmelted moonfrom moonscraps. moonThe moonpendant moonmeasures moonappx moon1.25 mooninches moontall moonby moona moonlittle moonover moon1.5 mooninches moonwide.** moonThis moonitem's moonprice moonincludes moonFREE moonUSPS moonPriority moonShipping moon**(An moon$8.30 moonvalue. moonDomestic moonorders moononly.)

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