Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

turquoise, Sterling pearl and turquoise necklace



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Pearl pearland pearlturquoise pearlnecklaceApprox pearl44cm pearllength, pearlpendant pearl3.5cm pearlhigh pearlx pearl2cm pearlwideSterling pearlpendant pearland pearlbolt pearlringMarked pearl925There pearlis pearlno pearlsilver pearlloss pearlon pearlthis, pearlwhat pearlyou pearlcan pearlsee pearlis pearla pearlreflection.Price pearlfor pearlpostage pearlis pearlindicative pearland pearlonly pearlactual pearlshipping pearland pearlpackaging pearlcosts pearlwill pearlbe pearlcharged. pearlAny pearloverage pearlwill pearlbe pearlrefunded. pearlPostage pearlwithin pearlAustralia pearlwill pearlbe pearlvia pearlregistered pearlpost.The pearlpictures pearlform pearlpart pearlof pearlthis pearllisting.Customs pearland pearlduties pearlin pearlthe pearldestination pearlcountry pearldo pearlnot pearlform pearlpart pearlof pearlthe pearlprice. pearlThey pearlare pearlthe pearlresponsibility pearlof pearlthe pearlbuyer.

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