Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bracelet, Sterling pearl parure



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Pearl pearlparure. pearlNecklace pearlapprox pearl46cm pearlincluding pearlclaspBracelet pearlis pearlon pearlelasticized pearlplasticEarring pearlare pearla pearlslightly pearldifferent pearlpearl pearlbut pearlmatch pearlwell pearl- pearllength pearl(from pearltop pearlof pearlwire pearlto pearlbottom pearlof pearlhead pearlpin) pearlapprox pearl5cmRing pearlsize pearlUS7.5Hallmarks: pearl925 pearlon pearlparrot pearlclasp pearlon pearlnecklace pearland pearlinside pearlband pearlof pearlringPrice pearlfor pearlpostage pearlis pearlindicative pearland pearlonly pearlactual pearlshipping pearland pearlpackaging pearlcosts pearlwill pearlbe pearlcharged. pearlAny pearloverage pearlwill pearlbe pearlrefunded. pearlPostage pearlwithin pearlAustralia pearlwill pearlbe pearlvia pearlregistered pearlpost.The pearlpictures pearlform pearlpart pearlof pearlthis pearllisting.Customs pearland pearlduties pearlin pearlthe pearldestination pearlcountry pearldo pearlnot pearlform pearlpart pearlof pearlthe pearlprice. pearlThey pearlare pearlthe pearlresponsibility pearlof pearlthe pearlbuyer.

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