Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

modern, Vintage Statement Pendant in Sterling Silver with 28-inch Sterling Chain



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Sara modernJewelry modernDesign modernVintage modernVisions. modernOffered modernhere modernis moderna moderndramatic modernstatement modernpendant, modernhandmade modernin modernsterling modernsilver. modernI modernwould moderndescribe modernit modernas moderna moderngeometric moderndesign. modernIt modernfeatures moderntwo, modernopen modernrectangles modernof modernsilver modernthat modernhave modernbeen moderncurved modernand modernsoldered modernto moderneach modernother modernin modernopposing moderndirections. modernAtop modernis moderna modernshort modernshank modernand moderna modernfixed, modern10mm modernround modernbail modernthat modernis modernlarge modernenough modernto modernaccommodate modernup modernto modern8mm moderncordage. modernInside modernthe modernbail modernis modernthe modernmark modern"Israel." modernThe modernpendant modernheight modernis modernapproximately modern1-3/4 moderninches modernand modernits modernwidth modernis modern1-1/8 moderninches. modernIt modernis modernabout modern5/8 modernto modern3/4 modernof modernan moderninch modernin modernoverall moderndepth. modernIt modernweighs modern14.2 moderngrams.Accompanying modernthe modernfocal modernpendant modernis moderna modernchain modernnecklace modernthat modernis modernto moderndie modernfor! modernIt modernis modernItalian, modernand modernfeatures modernelongated, modernflattened moderncurb modernlinks. modernThe modernchain modernalone modernweighs modern8.634 moderngramsIt modernhas moderna modernspring modernring modernclasp modernand modernits modernchain moderntab modernbears modernthe modernmarks modernof modern"Italy" modernand modern"925" modernin modernan modernoval. modernAt modern28 moderninches modernoverall modernlength, modernthis modernis modernan moderneasy modernon/off, modernover-the-head modernchain modernthat modernmay modernwell modernbecome modernyour modernmost modernfavorite modernto modernuse.I modernwill modernship modernthese modernyour modernway modernthe modernnext modernbusiness modernday modernvia moderninsured modernUSPS modernfirst modernclass modernmail modernwith moderna moderntracking modernID modernnumber. modernSara modernJewelry modernDesign. modernYour modernDesire modernis modernOur modernDesign.

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