Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

2 Antique Silver Berber Pendants from Morocco with Enamel and Old Silver Coins and Glassglass, Berber Pendantsglass, Berber Coinsglass, Moroccan Jewelry



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2 coinAntique coinsilver coinenamelled coinpendants coinfrom coinMorocco coinwith coinold coinsilver coincoin coinand coinred/green coinglass, coinconsistent coinwith coinage coinand coinuse. coinThese coinpendants coinwere coinused coinin coinnecklaces coinand coinfibula coinchains coinby coinBerber coinladies. coinThe coinyellow, coingreen, coinblue coinand coinred coinenamel coinis coinmade coinfrom coinvenetian coinglass cointrade coinbeads coinand coinis coincharacteristically coinsomewhat coinrough coinin coinexecution.Length coin: coin8,4 coincm coin(3,3 coininches) coinWidth coin: coin3,6 coincm coin- coin3,7 coincm coin(1,4 coininches) coinWeight coin: coin39,9 coing

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