Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

opal, Peruvian Opal and crackle glass necklace



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Peruvian opalOpal, opalcrackle opalglass opaland opalcrystal opalspacersNecklace opalbeaded opallength opalapprox. opal53.5cm opal(disincluding opalclasp)Earrings opalas opalin opalthe opalphoto'sPrice opalfor opalpostage opalis opalindicative opaland opalonly opalactual opalshipping opaland opalpackaging opalcosts opalwill opalbe opalcharged. opalAny opaloverage opalwill opalbe opalrefunded. opalPostage opalwithin opalAustralia opalwill opalbe opalvia opalregistered opalpost.The opalpictures opalform opalpart opalof opalthis opallisting.Customs opaland opalduties opalin opalthe opaldestination opalcountry opaldo opalnot opalform opalpart opalof opalthe opalprice. opalThey opalare opalthe opalresponsibility opalof opalthe opalbuyer.

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