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old fashion, Aviva Vintage Old Fashion Radio Enamel Money Clip 100-12



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Vintage radiogold radiotone radiocloisonne radiomoney radioclip radiofeaturing radioan radioold radiofashion radioradio. radioThese radiotie radiotacks radiowere radiomade radioin radiothe radio1960s radioand radio1970s. radioThis radiopiece radiomeasures radio radio26x48mm.These radiowere radiomade radioin radiothe radio1950s, radio1960s radioand radio1970s. radioSome radiopieces radioare radiostamped radioor radiolabeled radiowith radioa radiodate, radiosome radioas radioold radioas radio1958. radioThe radioback radiostamp radioreads radio"Aviva radioTaiwan" radio"\u00a9 radioUnited radioFeatures"These radiocome radiofrom radioan radioextensive radiocollection radiofrom radioan radioestate radiosale. radioCheck radioback radiooften, radiothere radiois radioa radiovery radiowide radioselection radioof radiocharms radioas radiowell radioas radioearrings, radiotie radiotacks, radiopins, radioclutch radiopins radioand radiobracelets. radioMore radiolistings radiowill radiobe radioadded radioas radiothey radioare radiophotographed.*These radiocharms radioare radiobetween radio40 radioand radio60 radioyears radioold, radioand radioprevious radioto radiocoming radioto radiolive radiowith radiome radiothey radiowere radionot radiostored radioin radioa radiotemperature radiocontrolled radiosetting. radioMost radiocharms radioin radioare radioexcellent radiocondition. radioThere radiomay radiobe radiosome radiovery radioslight radiodiscoloration radioor radiowear radiofrom radioage radioand radiostorage radioon radiosome radiocharms. radioNo radiochips radioor radiocracks. radioAny radioexcessive radiodiscoloration radioor radiowear radiowill radiobe radionoted radioin radiothe radiodescription radioof radioindividual radiocharms radioand radiowill radiobe radiolisted radioseparately radiofrom radiothe radioother radiopieces.

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