Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

rust, Brandy Opal and Sterling Silver Earrings by Anne More Jewelry



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Smooth orange opalovals orange opalof orange opalBrandy orange opalOpal orange opalhang orange opalfrom orange opalhandmade orange opalear orange opalwires. orange opalA orange opalsimple orange opaldesign orange opalfor orange opala orange opalnatural orange opalstone orange opalthat\u2019s orange opalanything orange opalbut orange opalsimple. orange opalThe orange opaleach orange opalOpal orange opalhas orange opalunique orange opalcolors orange opaland orange opalswirls orange opalranging orange opalfrom orange opalbutterscotch orange opalto orange opalamber.Metal: orange opalsolid orange opalsterling orange opalsilverEar orange opalwires: orange opalhand-forged orange opalhookStone: orange opalBrandy orange opalOpal orange opalsemiprecious orange opalgemstoneSize: orange opalabout orange opal1 orange opal1/2 orange opalinches orange opalThanks orange opalfor orange opalsupporting orange opalartisans orange opallike orange opalmyself. orange opalWe orange opaldream orange opalup orange opalcreations orange opalall orange opalthe orange opaltime orange opaland orange opalyour orange opalpatronage orange opalkeeps orange opalus orange opalgoing!Find orange opalme orange opalalso orange opalon orange opalInstagram, orange opalPinterest orange opaland orange opalFlickr orange opalas orange opalannemorejewelryThanks,Anne

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