Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

natural organic, Bolder Opal and Sterling Silver Earrings by Anne More Jewelry



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Faceted boulder opalteardrops boulder opalof boulder opalthe boulder opalpalest boulder opalblue boulder opalBoulder boulder opalOpal boulder opalhang boulder opalfrom boulder opalsterling boulder opalsilver boulder opalear boulder opalwires.Metal: boulder opalsolid boulder opalsterling boulder opalsilver boulder opalthat\u2019s boulder opalbeen boulder opaloxidized boulder opaland boulder opalpolished.Stone: boulder opalnatural boulder opalearth-mined boulder opalBoulder boulder opalOpalSize: boulder opal1 boulder opal1/4 boulder opalinches boulder opallongYour boulder opalorder boulder opalships boulder opalusps boulder opalPriority boulder opalMail boulder opalwith boulder opaltracking boulder opalnumber. boulder opalSpoiling boulder opalsomeone? boulder opalLet boulder opalme boulder opalknow boulder opaland boulder opalI boulder opalcan boulder opalinclude boulder opala boulder opalcomplimentary boulder opalgift boulder opalcard.Made boulder opalby boulder opalthese boulder opaltwo boulder opalhands, boulder opalhoping boulder opalto boulder opalfind boulder opalits boulder opalway boulder opalto boulder opalyou. boulder opalThanks boulder opalfor boulder opalyour boulder opalinterest boulder opaland boulder opalyour boulder opalsupport!Find boulder opalme boulder opalalso boulder opalon boulder opalInstagram, boulder opalPinterest boulder opaland boulder opalFlickr boulder opalas boulder opalannemorejewelry

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