Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

NYC WAREHOUSE FiND! Metal Flower Linkconnector, 40mmconnector, Sold Individually; CHooSE METAL: Brushed Brassy Gold and Antique Silver



In stock



NYC jewelry componentWAREHOUSE jewelry componentFIND jewelry component! jewelry component jewelry componentUNIQUE!Metal jewelry componentFlower jewelry componentLink, jewelry component40mm jewelry componentin jewelry componentsize jewelry componentwith jewelry componenttwo jewelry componentsoldered jewelry componentlinksSold jewelry componentIndividually. jewelry component jewelry componentYou jewelry componentwill jewelry componentreceive jewelry componentone jewelry componentpendant jewelry componentper jewelry componentpurchase.CHOOSE jewelry componentYOUR jewelry componentMETAL jewelry componentFROM jewelry componentTHE jewelry componentDROP jewelry componentDOWN jewelry componentMENU jewelry componentABOVE:Brushed jewelry componentBrassy jewelry componentGold, jewelry component40mm, jewelry component1 jewelry componentpieceAntique jewelry componentSilver, jewelry component40mm, jewelry component1 jewelry componentpiece* jewelry componentwill jewelry componentnot jewelry componentbe jewelry componentrestocked jewelry component*Bead jewelry component& jewelry componentGlass jewelry componentBoutique jewelry component- jewelry componentYour jewelry componentFavorite jewelry componentLocal-Long jewelry componentDistance jewelry componentBead jewelry componentShop, jewelry componenton jewelry componentEtsy!www.BeadAndGlassBoutique.Etsy.comHome jewelry componentof jewelry componentthe jewelry componentSpeedy jewelry componentBeady jewelry componentDelivery

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