Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1960's Vintage TRIFARI Braceletvintage lisner, Shiny Goldtone and RHINESTONES Braceletvintage lisner, 60s Crown TRIFARI Designer Jewelry



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This vintage lisnerbracelet vintage lisnerwas vintage lisnermade vintage lisnerin vintage lisnerthe vintage lisner1960's vintage lisnerby vintage lisnerTrifari vintage lisnerin vintage lisnera vintage lisnerscroll vintage lisnerdesign vintage lisnerwith vintage lisnerrhinestones vintage lisnerin vintage lisnera vintage lisnershiny vintage lisnergold-tone vintage lisnermetal. vintage lisnerIt vintage lisneris vintage lisnersigned vintage lisneron vintage lisnerthe vintage lisnerback vintage lisnerto vintage lisnerindicate vintage lisnerits vintage lisnerdesigner vintage lisnerwith vintage lisnerthe vintage lisnerTrifari vintage lisnercrown vintage lisnerlogo vintage lisnerand vintage lisnera vintage lisnercopyright vintage lisnersymbol. vintage lisnerThis vintage lisnermark vintage lisnerwas vintage lisnerpost vintage lisner1955. vintage lisnerThe vintage lisnerclasp vintage lisneris vintage lisnertight vintage lisnerand vintage lisnersecure vintage lisnerand vintage lisnerthe vintage lisnercondition vintage lisneris vintage lisnerperfect! vintage lisnerThe vintage lisnerbracelet vintage lisnermeasures vintage lisner7 vintage lisner1/4" vintage lisnerx vintage lisner5/6". vintage lisnerA vintage lisnerlovely vintage lisnerdesign!

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