Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Antique Silver Metal Leaf Pendant / Charmpendant, 55x22mmpendant, Small Pendant Hole at Toppendant, Package of 2; Necklace Pendantpendant, Earringspendant, Mixed Media Art



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Antique metalSilver metalMetal metalLeaves55x22mm metalwith metalSmall metalPendant metalHole metalat metalTopBase metalmetal metalplated metalwith metalsilver, metalthen metalantiqued.Package metalof metal2 metalleavesAlter metalthese metalwith metalalcohol metalinks, metalpatinas, metalguilders metalpasteGreat metalfor metalAltered metalArt, metalBead metalEmbroidery, metalFringe, metalor metalEarring metalDangles!Bead metal& metalGlass metalBoutique metal- metalYour metalFavorite metalLocal-Long metalDistance metalBead metalShop, metalon metalEtsy!www.BeadAndGlassBoutique.Etsy.comWhere metalCustomer metalService metalis metalUNMATCHED metal!!

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