Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

goth, Bat Family Halloween Necklace- Spoooooky



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Handmade autumnbrass autumnor autumnsterling autumnsilver autumnbats autumnlayered autumnto autumnbe autumnflying autumnaround autumnyour autumncollarbone. autumnStandard autumnlength autumnshown autumnon autumnmodels autumnsize autumn4-10. autumnIf autumnyou autumnwould autumnlike autumna autumnloonger autumnlength autumnplease autumnlet autumnus autumnknow autumnin autumnthe autumncomments autumnwhile autumnchecking autumnout. autumnNecklace autumnshould autumnhang autumnon autumncollarbone autumnso autumnbats autumnsit autumnproperly, autumnnot autumnmeant autumnto autumnbe autumna autumnlong autumnnecklace.Happy autumnHalloween!!

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