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hippie, Sterling Silver Teardrop Pearl Earrings



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Sweet teardrop earringslittle teardrop earringshand-forged teardrop earringssterling teardrop earringssilver teardrop earringsteardrops teardrop earringsare teardrop earringseach teardrop earringsadorned teardrop earringswith teardrop earringsa teardrop earringssingle teardrop earringsfreshwater teardrop earringspearl teardrop earringsand teardrop earringslightly teardrop earringshammered teardrop earringsfor teardrop earringstexture teardrop earringsand teardrop earringsshine. teardrop earrings teardrop earringsEarring teardrop earringshooks teardrop earringsare teardrop earringsalso teardrop earringshandmade teardrop earringsfrom teardrop earringssterling teardrop earringssilver.

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