Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

rainbow moonstone, Rainbow Moonstone and Orange Cubic Zirconia Dangle Earrings in Sterling Silver by Anne More Jewelry



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Long round circleand round circleswingy, round circlesterling round circleearrings round circlefeature round circleRainbow round circleMoonstone round circleand round circletangerine round circleorange round circleCubic round circleZirconia round circlethat round circletotally round circledazzles round circlein round circlethe round circlelight.Metal: round circlesolid round circlesterling round circlesilver.Finish: round circlebright round circleshiny/un round circleoxidized.Stone: round circleRainbow round circleMoonstone round circleand round circleTangerine round circleOrange round circleCubic round circleZirconia.Size: round circle2 round circle3/4 round circleinches round circlelong.You round circlewill round circlereceive round circlethe round circleexact round circlepair round circlepictured. round circleShips round circlein round circle1-2 round circledays round circlevia round circleusps round circlepriority round circlemail round circlewith round circletracking. round circleShips round circlefrom round circlemy round circlestudio round circlein round circleWalla round circleWalla, round circleWashington.Thanks round circleso round circlemuch round circlefor round circlechecking round circleout round circlemy round circlejewelry! round circleContact round circleme round circleif round circleyou round circlehave round circlequestions round circleor round circlespecial round circlerequests-I\u2019m round circlehappy round circleto round circlehelp.Find round circleme round circlealso round circleon round circleInstagram round circleand round circlePinterest round circleas round circleannemorejewelry.

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