Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jewelry, Pink multistrand seed bead awareness necklace



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Eleven seed beadstrands seed beadof seed beadsparkling seed bead3-cut seed beadpink seed beadseed seed beadbeads, seed beadglass seed beadand seed beadpainted seed beadceramic seed beadflower seed beadbeads, seed beadand seed beadtwo seed beadpink seed beadribbon seed beadbreast seed beadcancer seed beadawareness seed beadglass seed beadbeads, seed beadwith seed beadpretty seed beadsterling seed beadsilver seed beadcones, seed beadroses, seed beadclasp seed beadand seed beadengraved seed beadtag seed beadsigned. seed beadMeasures seed bead19-3/4 seed beadinches.Item seed bead#JBD923

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